Processing majordomo archives

2000-11-06 18:45:02

I subscribe to a majordomo list, and have retrieved previous archives from the
listserver.  I want to use mhonarc on these.

I've found the FAQ, and the script under the title "Can MHonArc process
Majordomo digests?", and I have some success in converting my archive files,
after a few obvious changes to the script.  But I get some date not parsed
warnings, I get the start of the next message on the previous one, and I also
get a lot of "no subject" heading/subject/titles.

I'm not adverse to hacking a bit of perl, to write a new conversion script,
but I don't khow what mhonarc is expecting as an input format.  I gather from
the documentation that it does some standardish formats, but I don't know what
they are.

Can anyone tell me what I'm lookig for? 



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