mhonarc on majordomo

2000-11-06 18:45:52

We're using majordomo as our mailing list.  Since majordomo does not
converts what he archive to html we are thinking of using mhonarc for this
service.  Would anyone know what to put on my /etc/mail/aliases for mhonarc
to work?  Right now what I'm doing is use majordomo archive then run mhonarc
manually to convert all those email archive majordomo to html then move
these file to our html public directory so we could post it to our web site.

Is there a way to do it straight in which once an email was sent to this
list mhonarc will create an archive with html format instantly.

Thanks in advance

| Jose Sta. Cruz                  |
| Email   : jose_cruz2(_at_)non(_dot_)hp(_dot_)com |
| Telnet  : 650-8577849           |
| Loc     : HP Palo Alto          |
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