2000-11-20 10:41:41
Using MHonArc v2.4.4 (Perl 5.00503).

Trying to overcome the year showing up as 100 in the indexes (for
example, most recent message to the list shows "20-Nov-100 06:01").

I looked through the MHonArc archive and added POSIXSTRFTIME at the
beginning of my resource file. I created a test archive and it worked. I
then added it to my live archive and it didn't work.

I've tried deleting the indexes and the database and rebuilding, but it
doesn't seem to help. The dates inside the messages appear accurate. Any

Date Codes in Resource File:
. . .
%d-%b-%y  %H:%M
%d-%b-%y  %H:%M
. . .
. . .

Thanks for any assistance.

Jeff Hill 

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