Really big subject/author pages?

2000-11-16 17:42:22
I have a bunch of archives that get updated via this command:

   mhonarc -nolock -nomodtime -add -umask -rcfile rc -outdir [outputdirectory]

This is piped into the archive with each incoming message via procmail 
(which does global locking of its own).

Sometimes on unusally high traffic lists the author.html and subject.html
files aren't erased -- they're appended to.  Eventually the file becomes
too large (20+ MB) to be useable.

This is MHonArc 2.4.6 on Perl 5.00503, although I've been seeing it
at least since 2.3.2.  There was a time when it didn't happen, though.

Has anyone else seen behavior like this?



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