RE: Really big subject/author pages?

2000-11-29 10:21:57
From the cases before, the problem was that the comment declarations
were not present in the pages, so mhonarc ends up "preserving" the
entire previous index page instead of just HEADER.  From looking
at the code, I fail to see where the error is.  Maybe there is
some querky file flushing problem.

Check the troublesome index page file and see if the following
comment declarations are present:


Of course, I can remove HEADER and FOOTER support completely.
Are any users still using them?



Earl, I am not exactly sure if I understand your reply, but here is a brief
description of my environment:

I run the following command from procmail:

:0 c
* ^Reply-To: marxism(_at_)lists(_dot_)panix(_dot_)com
|/usr/local/bin/mhonarc -umask 022 -title "Latest 100 messages from Marxism
list" -maxsize 100 -sort -reverse -rcfile
/users/lnp3/public_html/archives/current100/main.rc -add -outdir


The resource file (main.rc) looks like this:

<!-- MHonArc Resource File for the Marxism List -->

<!-- Common Resources                            -->



It produces two files: maillist.html and threads.html. The first file DOES
contain the Header and Footer code that you referred to above, but the
threads.html does not. Meanwhile, I discovered that if I set mhonarc to
limit the archives to 1000 messages, the problem occurs. If I limit it to
100, it does not.

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