index.html/maillist.html Repeating Problems

2001-01-15 21:16:46

I'm having problems with the main index page of new archives that I
create. The index just keeps adding another full page to itself after
each message is received.

I have tried rebuilding the archive with:

/usr/local/bin/mhonarc -rcfile
/export/home2/www/wwwdev/mhonarc/<listname>.rc -outdir
/export/home2/www/htdocs/lists/<listname> -editidx

but this only works if index.html is removed first.

As my company is creating around 5 new mailing lists a week, all through
a GUI web interface, it is frustrating that someone needs to log in as
root to rebuild each archive before the list goes live. I have had this
problem with both versions 2.3.3 and 2.4.1.

Does anyone know what causes this to happen? Once the index has been
rebuilt initially it functions without problems. Is there something that
can be done to prevent this initially?


Kobe Watkins
Social Change Online

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