Re: index.html/maillist.html Repeating Problems

2001-01-19 20:57:49
On January 16, 2001 at 13:49, Kobe Watkins wrote:

I'm having problems with the main index page of new archives that I
create. The index just keeps adding another full page to itself after
each message is received.

This is a known problem, but the "why" it happens is unknown.
The symptom is that the main index page gets corrupted and some
of the special comment declarations get lost, so mhonarc has problems
editing the page during archive updates.

I've looked at the code a few times, and just did it again, and I
cannot see why the problem occurs.  Possibilities: Some file I/O
flushing problems or abnormal termination of a previous MHonArc
process.  The abnormal termination is highly unlikely since MHonArc
will write to a temporary file first if doing an update to a main index
page and then rename it.  If abnormal termination occured, tmp files
will be left behind in the archive directory.  Have you noticed any?

What is odd is that the message pages are always edited during
updates, but do not appear to suffer from the problem.

I have tried rebuilding the archive with:

/usr/local/bin/mhonarc -rcfile
/export/home2/www/wwwdev/mhonarc/<listname>.rc -outdir
/export/home2/www/htdocs/lists/<listname> -editidx

but this only works if index.html is removed first.

Yep.  The work-around is to delete the existing file since MHonArc
will rebuild it.

Since the only reason mhonarc edits the main index page(es) is to
support the deprecated HEADER/FOOTER resources.  I should probably
final remove support for these resources and the problem should
go away.  Of course, I will never know why the problem existed
in the first place.


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