Re: index.html/maillist.html Repeating Problems

2001-01-23 16:48:35
I'm having problems with the main index page of new archives that I
create. The index just keeps adding another full page to itself after
each message is received.

I have tried rebuilding the archive with:

/usr/local/bin/mhonarc -rcfile
/export/home2/www/wwwdev/mhonarc/<listname>.rc -outdir
/export/home2/www/htdocs/lists/<listname> -editidx

but this only works if index.html is removed first.

Yep.  The work-around is to delete the existing file since MHonArc
will rebuild it.

Hi Earl,

   For what it's worth, I've discovered that I actually have to rebuild
   all files from scratch.  If I just do -editidx I only get messages up
   through the time that the date, author, and subject files got huge.

   Oddly enough it doesn't affect the threads index, so there must be
   some resource setting that's causing it..

   In my case, the only real difference is that the other rcfiles use
   $MMDDYY$, but the threads index doesn't.  But then again, rebuilding
   the index by hand works fine.  <SIGH>


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