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2001-01-24 08:35:40
"Tom" == Thomas Liesner <thomas(_at_)vignold(_dot_)de> writes:

  Tom> Hi all,
  Tom> I'm trying to use mhonarc to archive mails coming into a 
  Tom> list.
  Tom> I know how to do this from a standard mailboxfile, but i'd like to put
  Tom> mails into the archive when they are received.
  Tom> Currently i'm using the cron deamon to check at a given time the mailbox 
  Tom> the subscriber and archive new files.
  Tom> More elegant would be to use a mail-alias as subscriber and pipe the 
  Tom> directly into the mhonarc-command.

  Tom> i.e.:

  Tom> /etc/mail/aliases

  Tom> #
  Tom> subscriber: "|/usr/local/bin/mhonarc ..."

  Tom> Do you think a solution like this makes any sense? And if, how would you 
  Tom> this?

One of the problems of doing this is that mhonarc will run as user
daemon (or whatever the uid of mail is on your machine).  Hence you will
need to make your archive directory writable by that uid.  Also, all the
files archived in that directory will be owned by that uid.

The MHonArc distribution contains a script (webnewmail) for doing what
you would like.  However, I have found the cron approach to be a better

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