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2001-01-24 15:32:17
Thomas Liesner wrote:

I'm trying to use mhonarc to archive mails coming into a majordomo-mailing
I know how to do this from a standard mailboxfile, but i'd like to put
mails into the archive when they are received.

i have implemented this for ~20 mailing lists run by majordomo.  this is
how you do it:

1.  add an archiving subscriber to your mailing list, lets say

2.  add 'list-mhonarc' to your sendmail alias file as:
list-monarch:    "|<path-to-your-majordomo-wrapper> mhonarc -add -quiet
-outdir <path-to-your-directory-with-mhonarch-pages>  -rcfile

3.  make sure there is a symbolic link called 'mhonarc' in your
majordomo directory (where the 'wrapper' file is located); the link
should of course point to your mhonarc executable.

4.  make sure your majordomo user owns the mhonarc link in your
majordomo directory, AND that your mhonarc executable has the permission
755.  majordomo is picky about these permissions.

this way you eliminate the need for any mhonarc daemon/cron job, and
your mhonarc pages will always be up-to-date.

        mats d.
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