Re: Threading problem

2001-02-14 12:14:17

Stefan Probst writes:
- At 14:21 13.02.01 -0800, Giz wrote:
- -------------------------
- >The regex s/// is doing the substitution one time.  Add a /g at the end
- >should make the substition global.  So:
- >
- >s/^\[List-Name\]\s*//g;
- >
- >I hope this works for you :)
- Sorry, it didn't. No change.

        Try the following:


        It should (and does in my tests) strip the [LIST] string
from the very begining of the string, and from (before|after)
the Re: prefix on follow ups.. (sadly, it will strip out the
string [LIST] from the middle of the subject line as well.)

        More work with the regexp would probably sufficiently
generalize it such that it would only pull the string out at he
beginning, or after a RE:, but I haven't taken the effort.. :-)

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