RE: Threading problem

2001-02-13 16:44:18
The regex s/// is doing the substitution one time.  Add a /g at the end
should make the substition global.  So:


I hope this works for you :)

Keep in mind, that it will also replace any other instances of the listname
in the subject, so if someone's message was
"I'm having problems with THELIST", then that will be changed to "I'm having
problems with.".  I suppose a more sophisticated regex might be able to look
for the re: first, and only replace in those instances, but I'll leave that
for someone better at regex than myself.

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Hello Earl,

first thanks for MHonArc. Even me lefthander, on a remote virtual server,
got it running... :)

I found your post in the archives.
I tried:
works fine for the first message in a thread.
The second message gets treated as a thread (i.e. the "Re:" is
recognized), but the [List-Name] is there again:

* the subject
*    Re: [List-Name] the subject
                     ^---- there is a space

Both in the main index and also in the thread index.
How can do?

Stefan in Hanoi

PS: Pls. cc to me, since I am not in the list.

On Sat, 25 Sep 1999, Earl Hood wrote:

On September 22, 1999 at 19:00, Serge Patrick KAPTO wrote:

[List-Name] Subject
[List-Name] Re: Subject

I've used SUBJECTSTRIPCODE as follows.
------------------^ Need a \s*
It removes the list name from the subject lines, but fails to
resolves the
thread problems. The explanation may be that the messages are
before the regexp is applied.



The default SUBJECTREPLYRXP does not handle leading whitespace.  Since
your SUBJECTSTRIPCODE did not strip out the space after the
list-name, SUBJECTREPLYRXP has no affect.

I've also tried SUBJECTREPLYRXP as follows

This one is a little harder to get the desired effect.  For one,
you leave out the ability to match "re", and it will not match
against non-replies.  This should work:


The fixed SUBJECTSTRIPCODE is much cleaner.


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