distributing messages arround multiple directories

2001-03-20 06:31:13

I have an E-mail archive with arround 32000 messages. I would like to
distribute the msgxxx.html files arround multiple directories (let's say
1000 in a directory) and the index files to point to these directories.

Is there any way I can do this?

I found the solution with sepparate indexes per directory unnaceptable
since I am loosing the thread from one month to the other.
If it matters I am using MHonARC 2.4.7 on a RH 7.0 Linux machine (ReiserFS

Thank you,

Stefanita Vilcu
Stefanita Valeriu Vilcu, vsv(_at_)dnt(_dot_)ro
Chief Technology Officer
Dynamic Network Technologies, Romania
Tel: +40-1-2106863 Fax: +40-1-3122745

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