Re: Original source file name?

2001-05-31 13:50:25
On May 31, 2001 at 10:06, J C Lawrence wrote:

Since you mentioned that you have a MH-style mailstore, how
difficult would it be to have the filename of each message be the
actual message-id?  Therefore, you can access the original mail
message just by a simple file open operation using the message-id
as the filename (with whatever pathname prefix).

Hurm.  Yeah, It would be trivial to write a little tool to just
symlink each message against its MessageID.  (I can't do renames s
the mailstore is regularly processed by real MH tools) <testing>
Yup, that'll work.  Thanks.

To save inodes, you could use a BerkeleyDB, ndbm, or similiar type
of data store to map message-ids to filenames.  There are modules
in Perl for interfacing with these type of files with a hash interface.
Other popular scripting languanges probably provide the same.  The key
is to use a database format that does not have key and value length
limitations that could cause you problems.


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