Re: ProcMail and MHonArc interaction

2001-06-03 08:03:52
   >On June 1, 2001 at 16:00, pegmgr(_at_)peg(_dot_)com wrote:
   >>   |  Insecure dependency in mkdir while running setgid at 
   >>   |       /usr/local/lib/mhonarc/ line 98.
   >Does the /usr/local/lib/mhonarc file have the setgid bit on?  It
   >looks mhonarc is being invoked in Perl's tainted mode, and mhonarc
   >has never been coded to run in tainted mode (a task that would
   >probably be too cumbersome to undertake).

Well, yes it does. It's supposed to. 

Fortunately, I mentioned this problem to the readers of the PEG DBA LIST
and got the following: Start PERL with -U. That works. Since I'm the only 
user on the system, it's enough for me to continue on.

Thanks all.

PEG Manager

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