ProcMail and MHonArc interaction

2001-06-01 15:30:52

I'm at the tail end of a forced upgrade where everything is new,
the OS version, the Procmail version, the MHonArc version, PERL,

The following is a recipe file from my /etc/procmailrcs directory:

  |  ME=dba
  |  FLD=`date +%Y%m`
  |  UMASK=002
  |  MAILDIR=$HOME/www/lists/$ME
  |  LIBDIR=/usr/local/lib/mhonarc
  |  DUMMY=`test -d archive/$FLD || mkdir archive/$FLD`
  |  :0 c :
  |    archive/$FLD/.
  |  :0 c :
  |   | /usr/local/bin/mhonarc -add -outdir $MAILDIR/web \
  |     -definevar MyListName=DBA \
  |     -rcfile $LIBDIR/main.rc -quiet -- -
  |  :0 : 
  |    archive/latest/.
Now, the directory archive/$FLD/. is being updated,
the directory archive/latest/. is being updated but
the web page maintained by mhonarc is not being updated.

If I cat the message from the command line and pipe it into 
the mhonarc recipe above, it does update the web page.

If I pass the directory to mhonarc from the command line it 
updates the web page. 

The only time it doesn't update the web page is when it is called 
from this procmail recipe file.

PERL V5.00503
MHonarc v2.4.8
ProcMail v3.15.1 

All of this used to work on Perl v4.x, MHonArc v2.2.0, ProcMail v3.11

Does anyone have any ideas about what I'm doing wrong?
Note that I've already tried it both with and without the trailing -- - .


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