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2001-06-20 05:39:19
On Wed, 20 Jun 2001 02:30:40 -0700 
J C Lawrence <J> wrote:

The following attached messages (respectively 102 and 2620 in a
couple MH folders) cause MHonArc to error ala:

Found some more.

TNEF or winmail.dat seem to be a theme.

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If things pan out the way I'm hoping, and I make it down to GDC, I'd be
up for both levels of event.

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        Koster, Raph <rkoster(_at_)verant(_dot_)com> wrote:
        > You realize, this is how conferences get started.
        Yup.  I thought about that when I wrote the initial post,
        thought about it some more, and said, "What the hell.".
        > This already looks like a larger gathering than the first GDC.
        We had in the low twenties last year.  I'm not going to guess on
        this, not now that MU-Dev is running nicely over 1,000
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So I was finally setting up some things to go with the quote-o-matic, and
I was looking at the log files.  Since we are proxying requests through,
all the IP information I'm getting is from localhost.  Is there a way we
can get mod_proxy to pass through the original IP?  Or something like
that.  Maybe as a different header?


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Bri-han Gre-yeen wrote:
I keep wondering who this "Bryan Greene" chap is that some people keep
writing about. :)  For a relatively simple name, I get a lot of
misspellings myself.

How about a name like Geoffrey MacDougall?

Again, quite simple, but in all my 25 years I have yet to have someone
spell it correctly on the first attempt.



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On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, Raph Koster wrote:

:...always get ignored? :) There are all those follow-ups to everyone else's
:analyses of eBay auctioning, and none to mine... *sigh*

But you do get mentioned in the /. discussion of Sony's eBay ban...

Maybe we're all too intimidated to reply to you here? Nah...

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...always get ignored? :) There are all those follow-ups to everyone else's
analyses of eBay auctioning, and none to mine... *sigh*

(yes, this is tongue-in-cheek).


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