MHonArc Development Status

2001-08-07 12:59:16
MHonArc Users,

FYI, I have been working on v2.5 of MHonArc.  Most of the work has been
restricted to weekends.  I've been incorporating enhancement requests
and performing some bug fixes.  I hope to have a beta release sometime
available within the next two weeks.

I should note I went a little nuts and did some code restructuring in
message parsing and some data structures in the ever-slow process of
trying to remove Perl 4-style code.  Hopefully, I am not introducing
bugs while doing it.  For regular users, the changes should be
transparent, but if you have developed custom MIMEFILTERS or mucked
with the internals, the changes will affect you.  The filter calling
API will be different in v2.5.  All the filters provided within
the MHonArc distribution will be modified to reflect the new API.


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