Re: corrupted resource(s)

2001-08-15 20:48:02
On August 15, 2001 at 16:28, Lloyd Lim wrote:

Not too long ago I upgraded our version of MHonArc to 2.4.7.  Just a 
couple days ago I noticed that our old archives didn't have all of the 
prev/next buttons and other items that new archives have.  Using 
-editidx to regenerate the indexes didn't help.

I realized that the resources were stored in the databases and probably 
needed to be set to modern default settings.  So I did stuff like:


An undocumented feature, but mentioned on the list.

So I figured if it's good for a few resources, I might as well do it 
for all of them...  I did it all at once in one fell swoop.  (I did 
skip the resources that aren't in the form of opening/closing tags.)

Uh oh.

The maillist.html of the archive I was experimenting with now looks 
like this:

$$<$!$D$O$C$T$Y$P$E$ $H$T$M$L$ $P$U$B$L$I$C$ $"$-$/$/$W$3$C$/$/$D$T$D$ 
$H$T$M$L$/$/$E$N$"$>$ $<$h$t$m$l$>$ $<$h$e$a$d$>$

Help!  What did I change that put all those dollar signs in there?  How 
do I get it back to normal?

Could you provide me with the resource file you used and the
.mhonarc.db file for your archive?  URLs to them are okay, or you
can tar/gzip them up and send them to me personally.  I'd like
to see if I can recreate the problem or if your .mhonarc.db file
got corrupted.

I have something you can try that may help, but you may want to
back up your files before anything else is done.

Try running the following:

    mha-dbedit -nosaveresources -outdir /path/to/your/archive

Then, try:

    mhonarc -editidx -outdir /path/to/your/archive

Hopefully, this will reset your archive to all the default values.
If so, you should be able to re-edit the archive with whatever
resource settings you want to apply.


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