Re: corrupted resource(s)

2001-08-19 17:24:28
On August 15, 2001 at 16:28, Lloyd Lim wrote:

The maillist.html of the archive I was experimenting with now looks 
like this:

$$<$!$D$O$C$T$Y$P$E$ $H$T$M$L$ $P$U$B$L$I$C$ $"$-$/$/$W$3$C$/$/$D$T$D$ 
$H$T$M$L$/$/$E$N$"$>$ $<$h$t$m$l$>$ $<$h$e$a$d$>$

This output occurs because of the following setting in your
resource file:


This basically blanked out the pattern that is used for expanding
resource variables.  I leave it as an excersice for those who
know Perl on the why the blank pattern causes the above behavior
(hint, check the documentation on the `split' operator).

The ultimate fix is on the user's side since this resource affects
internal processing and is difficult, if not impossible, to auto-verify
if the setting will cause problems.  To protect against a blank setting,
the next version of MHonArc will only honor the VARREGEX resource
setting if it is non-blank.  The docs for VARREGEX will also have
a more verbose warning about the using the resource.


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