Re: MHonArc Input

2001-09-05 13:20:00
On September 5, 2001 at 08:22, pegmgr(_at_)peg(_dot_)com wrote:

When MHonArc receive a file through stdin and the body contains a line
beginning with a "." MHonArc 2.4.9 always breaks it into two messages.

What is the command-line you use and the resource settings you use?

When From_ is not the first line of a file, MHonArc breaks it into 
two messages. 

Is one message blank, or do both messages have some data in them?

If MHonArc sees a "Regards:" line in the body of a message it will 
start a new line.

Can you *zip* up a sample message that causes a split and send it
to me?



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