How to make more apparent the links to attached files?

2001-10-03 11:06:35

When a mail has an attached file, mhonarc inserts below
the archived message body a link wich consists of 
a name file. That is basically good.

Such links to attached files are not very visually distinguishable
from the rest of the text, and sometimes users do not even
realize there is attached files (notably when the text ends with
a huge or complicated signature), and may miss important information.

I read docs and FAQs and cannot find the mean to customize 
the tags that surround these links to attached files (strange, 
because apparently many things are customizable). For example, 
I would like to make an icon appear in front of the clickable 
file name (always the same unique icon, whatever mime type is involved), 
or to implement a specific font to display the file name, or things 
like that, that could make presence of attached files more apparent.

And I do not wish to adapt the provided perl code. Is there
some resource I may define in the rcfile or on the command line?
If not, is there a reasonable workaround?



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