Bin file created on *each* run of MHonArc

2001-10-03 14:35:03

        I'm a MHonArc newbie, although I have read the docs and searched
the archives for the answer to my question before pestering the list.
I'm using MHonArc v2.5.0b2, with Perl 5.00503 and my resource file is
right out of the box: a copy of the def-mime.mrc file.
        I'm pointing MHonArc to a Pine mailbox with this command:

/usr/bin/mhonarc -outdir /home/httpd/html/ /var/spool/mail/MAILBOX

        Everything works great EXCEPT that every time the above command is
executed I get a .bin file for each attachment in the mailbox on EACH
run. As I write there are 3 attachments in there. On the first run I get 3
.bin files in the output directory. On the second, I get 6 .bin files, and
on the third I get 9 .bin - clearly I've missed something. The attachments
are Word and WordPerfect documents sent from Outlook and Pine email
clients in the default manner.
        Anyone finding the patience to let me know where I've goofed will
receive great thanks from,

Brett Charbeneau, Network Administrator         Tel: 757-259-7750
Williamsburg Regional Library                   FAX: 757-259-7798
7770 Croaker Road                               brett(_at_)wrl(_dot_)org
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