corruption problem

2001-11-13 01:01:56

Mhonarc gurus,

I seem to be experiencing a systematic corruption problem.  For
example, in the last half-dozen more recent entries of this date index
[1], the message pages are non-existant and listed under the same URL.

The version of mhonarc running on this archive has been
   2.early -> 2.49 -> 2.5.0 ->  2.4.9 -> 2.5.0

MHonArc 2.5.0 is not generating any warnings and is returning a good
return code. What steps are suggested for diagnosis, and are there any
suggestions for a fix? Rebuilding the archive from scratch is possible
but not desirable, due to the large number of archives
affected. Currently my top priority is stabilizing the system.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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