mhonarc 2.5.0 infinite loop on index creation?

2001-11-12 16:10:48
I upgraded to mhonarc 2.5.0 on
Sunday.  I host around 150 mailing lists on this site.  It looked
like everything was OK for a short while, but it's gone haywire
today.  Every time a note is added to a mailing list, mhonarc
generates all the index files, and then regenerates them ad naseum.
I'm looking at a mhonarc that's running in the gcc-patches November
directory with 700 messages, and it's been generating indexes
continuously for the last half an hour.

This is a pretty big deal, obviously.  We've started dropping
incoming mail notes on the floor (well, not archiving them, anyway)
as lock files time out and the MTA is backing up on local deliveries
because the mhonarc processes are sitting around waiting for lock

I don't _think_ this is due to a configuration problem on my end.
I've been using mhonarc for the last three years without incident.
My .mrc files are on-line here.  I've been upgrading through the
2.4.x series, and until yesterday I was running 2.4.9.

The system is not working well under the load of dozens of these
processes queued up so I think I'm going to turn off web archiving
of lists right now, and either fix this or try to downgrade to
2.4.9 tonight and re-add mail notes by hand.

If I can provide any more information, please let me know.  This
system has a lot of mailing list volume and I'm anxious to fix
this.  Anyone have an idea what might be going on?