no new message ??

2001-11-18 03:04:58

I'm new to mhOnArc and I can't have it to build fully my archive
files. I've tried to use the -add switch, on mail messages, on a
Maildir file, and without the -add switch, but always the sae result,
when he parse my messages files, he don't want to index find half of

I've seen in archives, that this can be caused by a MsgSep directive,
I've tried to change it with specified samples, but not more result.
Either with the default directive or the following:
don't solve the problem.

Can someone give me some hint on where the problem can be ?

Archive are available from here: as you
can see on July, September all is fine, but for October only half are
indexed and none for November.

The problem is still here when I call mhonarc when a new mail is
received, it is not indexed :-(

Thanks in advance,
Sébastien Hordeaux
PHPEdit Project

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