Re[2]: no new message ??

2001-11-19 01:43:47

Can you provide me with a sample test case illustrating the problem?
See bellow for raw mails url. My ressource file is available from

I get a server error trying to access Nov.  Also, it would be hard
to see the problem since I would have to see the raw mail data to
see that messages are getting skipped.
Yes it's a misconfiguration of my php in cgi mode in fact it's a 404.

The problem is still here when I call mhonarc when a new mail is
received, it is not indexed :-(

Can you replicate outside of generating PHP files?  If you run
mhonarc *without* -quiet, what is the new message count displayed
when trying to add a message?
if I do:
mhonarc -quiet \
  -outdir /www/htdocs/ \
  -rcfile /www/htdocs/ \
  -subjectthreads \
  -add \

nothing is outputed.

if I do:
  -outdir /www/htdocs/ \
  -rcfile /www/htdocs/ \
  -subjectthreads \

I get:

This is MHonArc v2.5.1, Perl 5.00503 linux
Reading resource file: /www/htdocs/ ...
Converting messages to /www/htdocs/
Reading /var/qmail/vpopmail/domains/ .
No new messages

Same thing if I add more message to the command line.

I've tried with a Mailbox style file instead of single messages, but
not better.
Files can be found here: 100%
  Result: 100%
  Result: 100
  Result:  50%
  Result:   0%
  Result: not generated

BTW, you might want to upgrade to v2.5.1 if you ever plan on
using the OTHERINDEXES resource.  See recent past mail traffic on
the list for more information.
I've upgraded, but nothing better.

Also is there a feature to build archive monthly like I want to do,
actually I've got another script which look at each file of the archive
and fill an array before generating commands line to call mhonarc.
I've see a switch regarding expiration date, but I'd like a little
more, is it available ? if not is it possible to add "plugins" in php
instead of perl because I down know perl ?

Sébastien Hordeaux
PHPEdit Project

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