Re: no new message ??

2001-11-19 15:13:55
For what it's worth, I was trying to reconstruct an archive from
scratch earlier today and I was seeing the same behavior described
by Sebastien -- I'd input a perfectly valid mbox message, and
mhonarc would say "No new message" (with not even a .mhonarc.db
file in my dir).  It was so odd that I assumed I was having a disk
problem or something and tabled it for later retry.

The normal archiving on my system appears to be working fine.  I'll
try to look at what might be causing this within the next few days
if I can.  I don't _think_ it's anything to do with the input messages;
maybe it's something with my config.

All of my web archives will start in new directories on Dec 1
automatically, so you can be sure I'll look into this and report
back something before then. ;-)


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