Re: big5 l10n

2001-12-09 23:21:10
On December 9, 2001 at 15:24, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:

Any comments on MHonARC compatibility with the big5 traditional
chinese charater set? I recently received a big5 localization
( but am not having particularly
good luck with it so far, e.g.

Any suggestions or known incompatibilities? Do I need to somehow
escape the big5 data in the rcfile? I get lots of warnings suggesting
that something is not going well with the parsing, like:

 Warning: Unrecognized variable: "H</EM>: "
 Warning: Unrecognized variable: " &lt;"

If Big5 is variable-width character encoding, then there can be
problems like with SJIS.

You can try changing the VARREGEX resource as shown in the Examples
section of the VARREGEX resource documentation page.  This provides
a more stricter regex for detecting resource variables that
reduces the risk of conflicts with resource files using variable-width
character sets.


Try a off-line test run to see if it works.


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