2002-01-07 10:20:31
Miquel Demur
carriera Fontenay, 10
31500 - Tolosa de lengadoc
tel 00 33 5 34 25 08 84
I have a CUsee-Me software telephone.

this command
shell> perl -MGetopt::Long -MTime::Local -e ';'
is used for verifying that Getopt::Long and Time::Local modules are
after running, I have the following message
# syntax error, near "MTime::Local -e "
File 'Sin Título:perl5:520r4:installation'; Line 2
# # Execution of Sin Título:perl5:520r4:installation aborted due to
compilation errors.

Where are the following modules optional: 
module Digest::MD5: Used for creating IDs for messages without
message-ids. This module helps MHonArc detect already archived messages
for messages without message-ids. 
module Fcntl, Symbol: Used for flock() based archive locking

Is it possible convert Netscape message into html ?

How to download with operating system Macintosh ?

How configure Perl ?

What difference between these following options:
-afs                  : Skip permission checks (useful if AFS)
  -batch                : Run in batch mode (do not ask questions)
  -binpath <path>       : Directory path to install programs/scripts
  -docpath <path>       : Directory path to install documentation
  -help                 : A message summarizing options available
  -libpath <path>       : Directory path to install library files
  -filelist <file>      : List of files to install (def="FILELIST")
  -manpath <path>       : Directory path to manpages
  -nobin                : Do not install programs
  -nodoc                : Do not install documentation
  -nolib                : Do not install library files
  -noman                : Do not install manpages
  -perl <pathname>      : Pathname of perl interpreter
  -prefix <path>        : Set prefix for installation directories

Excuse me, and thank for your help and comment of the message, because I
don't know Perl, and I learn Perl with using and practicing,

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