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2002-01-08 11:46:42
On January 5, 2002 at 14:06, miquel(_dot_)demur(_at_)wanadoo(_dot_)fr wrote:

this command
shell> perl -MGetopt::Long -MTime::Local -e ';'
is used for verifying that Getopt::Long and Time::Local modules are
after running, I have the following message
# syntax error, near "MTime::Local -e "
File 'Sin Título:perl5:520r4:installation'; Line 2
# # Execution of Sin Título:perl5:520r4:installation aborted due to
compilation errors.

The error message appear to indicate that you ran the sample
commands incorrectly.  The text "shell>" represents your shell
prompt and is *not* part of the command.

Is it possible convert Netscape message into html ?

Yes.  It is mentioned in the FAQ.

How to download with operating system Macintosh ?

Unsure what you mean here.  Are you refering to Perl or MHonArc.

How configure Perl ?

If you have a Perl 5 distribution installed, you should be
okay.  If you are unsure, you will need to seek help in the
various Perl forums since I have no direct experience with
running Perl under MacOS.

If there is a user subscribed to this list that is familiar
with using Perl under MacOS, maybe they can provide help.

What difference between these following options:
-afs                  : Skip permission checks (useful if AFS)
  -batch                : Run in batch mode (do not ask questions)
  -binpath <path>       : Directory path to install programs/scripts
  -docpath <path>       : Directory path to install documentation
  -help                 : A message summarizing options available
  -libpath <path>       : Directory path to install library files
  -filelist <file>      : List of files to install (def="FILELIST")
  -manpath <path>       : Directory path to manpages
  -nobin                : Do not install programs
  -nodoc                : Do not install documentation
  -nolib                : Do not install library files
  -noman                : Do not install manpages
  -perl <pathname>      : Pathname of perl interpreter
  -prefix <path>        : Set prefix for installation directories

The comments after each option state what the option means.  You
can run without any options, and it will prompt you
for the information needed.  NOTE: I do not know if the use of under MacOS has been confirmed to work properly.  You
may need to follow the Manual Installation instructions.


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