Error locking the outdir...

2002-01-10 14:11:21
greets all,
        I realize I'm running an old version of the software, and please don't
tell me my only solution is to upgrade.  Could someone point me in the
right direction of what's wrong -

People using one of these lists I have archived are getting
underliverables that look something like this -
  ----- The following addresses have delivery notifications -----
"|/usr/appl/MHonArc244/bin/mhonarc -add -outdir
/usr/appl/www/Mhonarc/GRC/Webmaster -quiet -rcfile
/usr/appl/www/Mhonarc/GRC/Webmaster/webmaster-archive.mhrc " 
(unrecoverable error)
   (expanded from: webmaster-archive(_at_)www(_dot_)lerc(_dot_)nasa(_dot_)gov 

  ----- Transcript of session follows -----

ERROR: Unable to lock /usr/appl/www/Mhonarc/GRC/Webmaster after 10
"|/usr/appl/MHonArc244/bin/mhonarc -add -outdir
/usr/appl/www/Mhonarc/GRC/Webmaster -quiet -rcfile
/usr/appl/www/Mhonarc/GRC/Webmaster/webmaster-archive.mhrc "... Deferred
Message could not be delivered for 3 days
Message will be deleted from queue

What's with the unable to lock <outdir>?  I haven't changed anything to
my system recently...although I don't admin the box it's installed on.
Sean M. Alderman
ITRACK Systems Analyst
PACE/NCI - NASA Glenn Research Center
(216) 433-2795

Calling a windowed operating system "Windows" is like naming an
automobile "Wheels."

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