RE: Removing messages from one of multiple archives

2002-01-30 08:54:32
Although, of course, I am not the final word on the subject, I would imagine
that using the "outdir" parameter would specify the database...


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From: Ed Reiss [mailto:ereiss(_at_)webwillow(_dot_)com]
Sent: Tuesday 29 January 2002 11:04 PM
To: mhonarc(_at_)ncsa(_dot_)uiuc(_dot_)edu
Subject: Removing messages from one of multiple archives

I've been handed over the process of creating and managing two mailman mailing
that use Mhonarc as a web archive tool. I need to remove some archived test
I've been sending to the mailing lists and I found reference to the RMM command
in the mhonarc docs online at:

Since I'm managing two archives I noticed that the command docs don't mention
one specifies the archive from which the messages should be removed. Can someone

clarify the format of the command when there are several archives, and the
messages should be removed from only one of them?

Thanks for your help,

Ed Reiss