Re: Removing messages from one of multiple archives

2002-01-31 11:02:07
On January 30, 2002 at 21:13, Ed Reiss wrote:

Thanks for your help; -rmm works fine. A followup question: I'm
configuring the lists and archives for use by an administrator who doesn't
have a technical background. Is the only way to remove messages through
the command line, or is there an optional web interface?

There is an experimental web admin tool in the MHonArc distribution
under the admin directory.  There is no real docs to it.  Plus,
it could be a resource hog on your server if used heavily.  I wrote a
few years ago to teach myself JavaScript, so who knows how well
it works now.

The alternative is to write your own admin tool.

Regardless, with whatever web-based tool you use, you have to
worry about security.   The process executing the web-based tool
must have read/write access to the archive.  Because of this, you
want to make sure access is restricted to the tool.


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