Re: Preferring text/plain over text/html?

2002-02-15 11:26:24
I would get some hints how to incorporate such a unhtml tool.
 I am triggering monarch with a cronjob.
 Sendmail is building the inbox.
 Where might I hook up the unhtml as "standard input???

Surprised that nobody has suggested Tim Pierce's "unhtml.c".  Works fine for
me ; search for it with google.

This program reads a message on ______standard___input___ and prints a 
version on standard output.  If the message has a content-type of
`multipart/alternative', the body is discarded and replaced with the
first text/plain subpart that can be found.  If the message isn't
multipart/alternative, or if it contains no text/plain subparts, the
original message is passed through unmodified.  For example, it can
easily be hooked into SmartList in rc.local.s00 (and .r00):