Re: Preferring text/plain over text/html?

2002-02-08 17:38:50
Hi People
a strange problem.
Forbidden name for a list?

While adding new lists to our multiple languages we have
the basic 'a-infos' to which we add  '-xx' to compose the individual list.

a-infos-en is the name of the English posts
a-infos-de is the name of the German posts

The webpage of the lists are on
<our domain name/xx/>

on our server the address is .....www/xx/

and in the aliases file of postfix it is a-infos+xx

a-infos-en-h: ainfos+en   - for the English one.

In the past we tried to build a list a-infos-sh for Serbo-croat
a-infos-sh-h: ainfos+sh
but the archiving failed.

When we changed it to a-infos-st-h: ainfos+st

It worked.

Now, we tried the a-infos-pl-h: ainfos+pl
and it failed.

I wonder if 'pl' is a forbidden suffix like 'sh'.

Ilan Shalif