New option: BASEHREF

2002-03-27 02:31:18

I recently started using MHonArc, and am pretty pleased with the results
so far.  Unfortunately, because of my setup, I cannot use relative
links, and need to be able to prepend something before all href's.  To
do this, I added a new option, BASEHREF (-basehref), to MHonArc.

For example, if BASEHREF is set to "/this/directory/", any time MHonArc
is about to print <a href="somefile.html">, it prints <a
href="/this/directory/somefile.html"> instead.

Is anyone else interested in this?  If so, I can send patches. I'd love
to see this folded into the official distribution so I won't have to
path this every time MHonArc gets updated.

Let me know what to do.


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