mhn2mbox and v2.5.4

2002-05-13 17:37:51

I have successfully used mhn2mbox ( with MHonArc v2.4.6 to convert archives back to mbox format. Thanks, Anthony, for this program! However, when I had upgraded to MHonArc v2.5.4, I noticed that the message separators in the pseudo mbox didn't include email addresses any longer.

The reason seems to be that mhn2mbox makes use of the subroutine "mhonarc::extract_email_address()", which in the latest MHonArc version is dependent on the variable $AddrExp (set in to work.

I fixed it by adding


right after "mhonarc::initialize();" in mhn2mbox.

I call your attention to this, since there might be other, more important, shortcomings when using mhn2mbox with the latest MHonArc version.

/ Gunnar

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