Re: email parser

2002-08-06 13:47:21
Hey guys.  Can I use mhonarc to just pull out the text of the to, from,
subject, and body - I'd like to actually strip all of the tags off of
everything, html included.  This is for insertion into a database.

You could, but it may better to use the MIME:: and/or Mail:: modules
to do this if you intend to not use any other aspects of MHonArc.

Or if you're on a UNIX system, you might want to investigate the procmail
package to extract headers.  formail will do all of these things for you.

   Display only the body:  formail -I ""
   Display Subject: formail -XSubject:
   Display To: formail -XTo:
   Display From: formail -r -t -XTo:


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