Re: Retaining dates out of Exchange

2002-08-06 16:38:38
On August 6, 2002 at 13:20, "Johnson, Steve" wrote:

Is there an easy way to populate a MHonArc DB with old emails out of an
exchange server without re-mailing them and losing the original send date?

If you are using Outlook, select and the messages you plan to archive
and forward them (as attachments) to an account that stores mail in
a more traditional format.  Then you can use MHonArc's mha-decode
program with the -dcd-digest option to extract the message attachments
into separate files that you can than use for archival purposes.

Note, to feed the message files into MHonArc, you will have to do
the following:

  . Give the directory you extracted the files to as the folder
    argument to mhonarc.

  . Either set MHPATTERN appropriately to properly match the filenames
    of the message files when invoking mhonarc.  Or rename the files
    to numeric only filenames before invoking mhonarc.


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