Re: text/plain mail in DOS format files double spaced

2002-08-20 21:53:20
On Tue, 20 Aug 2002, Greg Matheson wrote:

I'm running MHonArc on Windows and the HTML results for
text/plain messages have an extra line in them, ...

See for example,

The relevant part of the looks like it is around
line 389, where the <pre> tags are placed around the text.

I tried inserting before line 380:

           $$data =~ s/\r?\n//g;

But this gave me the message as one long unwrapped line. YOu can
see the result at

I then tried 
          $$data =~ s/\r?\n/\n/g;

And this looks good, like at
and more recent messages.

Actually that one looks good in Explorer, not so good in lynx.
The more recent ones are single spaced in lynx too.

There's something wrong with the [Original] link. I get an 'Input
Error' message, but perhaps that's a problem for the mharc list.

If you want the mail files, I could send them. 
Just plain Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII (in most
cases :-) I believe.

Anyway, I think this should go in the distribution. I guess it
has no effect on Unix-mode files.

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