Re: text/plain mail in DOS format files double spaced

2002-08-21 22:31:43
--- Greg Matheson <lang(_at_)ms(_dot_)chinmin(_dot_)edu(_dot_)tw> wrote:
I'm running MHonArc on Windows and the HTML results for
text/plain messages have an extra line in them, 

First off, my hack doesn't seem to have solved the problem. 
The message I sent to the list saying I had solved the problem,,
still leaves lines double spaced in lynx and leaves 
quoted lines double spaced on Explorer.

On Tue, 20 Aug 2002, Earl Hood wrote:

There is probably two potential culprits:

. Under cygwin, you have some mounts mounted in textmode.  This
is bad.  Check the all your mounts are in binmode.  If not, any
cygwin-based compiled program that writes a line of text to a
file, cygwin automatically addes a <CR> to get the <CR><LF> dos
end-of-line format.

perl-5.8.0 with the new 3 (or is it 4-argument) open has made it
more complicated than before in cygwin. Now even if your mounts
are binmode, you get <CR> just like Win32 if you don't add
binmode to the perl code.

So, code working on 5.6.1 in cygwin on binary mount files breaks on 5.8.0.

5.8.0 is overriding the cygwin binmode/textmode distinction
making cygwin more DOS-like. You have to allow for it in your
code, by setting the default layer to 'raw' or something
different from the original 'crlf' default, or adding the right
layer in open, or using the binmode function, if you want to use
binary mounts.

In the sample message page URLs you provided, if you look at
the raw source, extra <CR>s are getting added.  On many lines,
there are 3 consectutive <CR>s at the end of lines.

So it is more than just a single substitution in
that is the problem, assuming there was only one \n in the

I am going to leave it for the moment, but will get back to it
later. Keeping track of the original file line spacing and
Content-Type and checking the look of the html for more than a
few messages in the archive is a hard job.

If using cygwin and cygwin compiled programs, try sticking purely with
cygwin-based tools, including cygwin perl.  Also, make sure all mounts
are in binmode.  I have never seen a real need to have textmode mounts
with cygwin, and all they tend to do is cause problems like this.

The experience with 5.8.0 has pushed me in the direction of
textmode mounts. I guess I am a glutton for punishment!

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