Re: text/plain mail in DOS format files double spaced

2002-08-22 05:50:03
On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, Earl Hood wrote:

Are you using a 5.8.0 compiled for cygwin or a native Win32 build?

Now I am using a native Win32 build of 5.8.0 with the MinGW gcc
and dmake, I think. And I installed MhonArc with this perl.

The experience with the new layers in 5.8.0 I was talking of was with the
cygwin build of 5.8.0-RC2, so it is not strictly relevant to my
line ending problems at the moment. (I hope :-) The perl I am
running mharc on is the cygwin build of 5.6.1

But if mharc calls mhonarc, does this mean mhonarc is being executed
with the cygwin build? 

I wrote a series of messages to the cygwin list starting at
and ending at
about my experiments to count bytes with some little scripts. The
scripts weren't very good, but I think the data at the end was

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