Re: Improvements to filter for Namazu

2002-09-03 00:03:10
On September 3, 2002 at 12:39, Makoto Fujiwara wrote:

The story is, it's related to /etc/alias setting for 

Off topic again. But let me explain a little bit here.
In the file, (sorry for sendmail specific),

To read a more formal description of the Received header format,
see <>.

I am interested though that with the malformed Received header,
if mhonarc was still able to parse the date from it.  The date
parsing code is written to find the date within a string.  Therefore,
extraneous text can be in the string and mhonarc can still extract
the date.

If you did not receive any "Could not parse date" warnings from
mhonarc, then mhonarc was able to find date in the malformed Received
header.  Therefore, even though the raw date string shown in the
<!--X- comments was not what you wanted, mhonarc was still handling
it without errors.


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