Re: Question re Manual Install

2002-09-02 23:54:27
On September 2, 2002 at 08:17, Farrar Mark wrote:

I am trying to install MHonArc v2.5.11 on a site that runs Apache/1.3.14
(Unix) PHP/4.0.0 on Linux.

Apache/1.3.14 is old, which makes it highly probably that is vulnerable
to the chunk-encoding exploit.

Also, PHP/4.0.0 is old, and there have been a recent slew of securtiy
problems reported against PHP with new releases made by various vendors.

I have uploaded the unzipped files via an FTP program, but cannot run the program as there is no Shell access on this account.

Without shell access, how do plan to invoke MHonArc?

I therefore assume that I need to run a Manual Install, but, being
relatively new to this type of thing, I find their instructions somewhat

The instructions do make an assumption that the reader has some
basic working knowledge of the operating environment.  It also has
a bent towards Unix-based users.

The directory structure of the files on the web server mirrors that in the
ZIP file, so when the instructions say "Copy files in the lib directory to
the library location you desire", do I need to do anything else, as there is
already a lib directory on the server with all of the original files in it?

If you only have ftp access to the server, how did you extract the
zip file on the server?

Secondly, it says "Copy the program files to the location you want them
installed. After copying, you must edit the each file as follows".  What
does it mean by "program files"?  Does this mean any file in the MHonArc
directory structure with a suffix of "pl", and if not, what does it mean?

Technically, you can run mhonarc right from the location you
extracted the zip file.  However, for mhonarc to work, the current
working directory must be the same as where the mhonarc program
is located.

The files extracted from the zip file are mainly intended for use
by the installation program to have the files copied to a more
proper location for day-to-day usage.

The program files are: mhonarc and the mha-* files in the root
directory of the distribution.  The .pl files are library files.

Instead of trying to re-explain the existing instructions, it may
help us if you provide more information on exactly what you are
trying to achieve and how you expext to invoke MHonArc (since you
do not have shell access to the system in question).

It is possible that you may need some consulting work done.


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