Authsort using $FROMADDRNAME$

2002-09-02 23:07:07
I'm sure this is either something painfully obvious, or a can't do, and
either way I'll be kicking myself for even asking.


I've got a fairly large social mail list which I maintain the online
archive for, and for which I have just set up an author index. The
problem is that while people on this list maintain their same email
address, its not uncommon for someone to change the $FROMNAME$ every so
often. Which makes the usefulness of the author index somewhat questionable.
What I would like is to be able to do an AUTHSORT based on $FROMADDRNAME$
rather than $FROMNAME$. Is this doable? It seems like it *should* be, and
yet I've gone over the docs a number of times now, to no avail. The
details of AUTHSORT appear to be tucked into the innermore workings, which
I am hesitant to go poking about (at least without a minimum of guidance

Any suggestions would be much appreciated,



         Stephanie Smith        02-09-02 | 23:57

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