Question re Manual Install

2002-09-02 02:17:44
I am trying to install MHonArc v2.5.11 on a site that runs Apache/1.3.14
(Unix) PHP/4.0.0 on Linux.

I have uploaded the unzipped files via an FTP program, but cannot run the program as there is no Shell access on this account.

I therefore assume that I need to run a Manual Install, but, being
relatively new to this type of thing, I find their instructions somewhat

The directory structure of the files on the web server mirrors that in the
ZIP file, so when the instructions say "Copy files in the lib directory to
the library location you desire", do I need to do anything else, as there is
already a lib directory on the server with all of the original files in it?

Secondly, it says "Copy the program files to the location you want them
installed. After copying, you must edit the each file as follows".  What
does it mean by "program files"?  Does this mean any file in the MHonArc
directory structure with a suffix of "pl", and if not, what does it mean?

Thanks in anticipation,

Mark S. Farrar
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