Re: Question re Manual Install

2002-09-04 09:31:38
Further to my earlier question, and as a follow-up to Earl Hood's kind
reply, I should like to add the following further information:

I am part of a small distributed team of volunteers running a Special
Interest Group. We have a web site and a mailing list and our current
project is to make the mailing list archive available on the web site. Our
level of knowledge and experience is 'enthusiast' rather than 'expert' in
any of the technologies involved.

We had intended to install and run MHonArc on the same server as the web
site, for which we have a commercial shared hosting package. The package
allows CGI but there is no shell access. We seem to have overestimated the
extent to which the system can be driven via a web interface.

In the light of your reply (and a closer inspection of the FAQ!) we think we
need to go forward as follows:

- for expediency, install and run MHonArc on the same system as the mail
server, which runs on one of my colleagues' internal network, FTPing the
resulting HTML files to the web server. I have not found any indication in
the documentation that this would not work.

- research the existing web-based interfaces with a view to using one of
them in the long run to implement our original plan. Alternatively, although
we don't have the budget to pay for any programming, we may find someone
interested in taking on a project to enhance existing work or build a new

Does this sound like a reasonable plan, and is there anything in particular
that we need to be aware of?


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