Re: Question re Manual Install

2002-09-04 11:01:08
Mark / Earl,

I have successfully run MHonArc on a shared web hosting account for several years.

Farrar Mark wrote:
We had intended to install and run MHonArc on the same server as the web
site, for which we have a commercial shared hosting package. The package
allows CGI but there is no shell access. We seem to have overestimated the
extent to which the system can be driven via a web interface.

In the light of your reply (and a closer inspection of the FAQ!) ...

I have to say that I think Earl is kind of exaggerating the difficulties. When you install a Perl script on such an account, you simply extract the zip file on the hard disk of your PC, do the necessary editing (in this case according to the manual install instructions), and upload the files.

As regards invoking the program, I'm using a simple CGI script (which btw includes a part, that adds the ability to grab the mails from any POP3 account, and which Earl helped me with ;-). See

If I were Mark, I'd go for the original plan. Feel free to use my little script, if you like. I'm ready to answer a question or two if you need it.

/ Gunnar

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