Re: Problems with mha-decode "losing" attachments

2002-09-24 12:06:15
On September 24, 2002 at 15:57, Simon Lascelles wrote:

I'm using it to transfer multiple messages from MS-Outlook... I 
highlight a number of messages in Outlook and forward them to
a unix mail account.  I then run someting like:

mha-decode -dcd-digest -single -outdir dirname /var/spool/mail/username
You are processing a mailbox file, not a single message.

Sadly, I seem to be losing some messages!  For instance I can batch 
together 4 messages, forward them and check the Unix /var/spool/mail 
file and all 4 attachments are in the file, but when I run mha-decode on 
them I only get three 822.*\.822 files (and the "normal" text file).

Has anyone else seen this?  Am I doing something dumb?

Without seeing the actual input data, I cannot tell what may be
the problem.  You can zip up a some sample data that is apparently
exhibiting the problem and mail it to me personally to look at.


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